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Dry Snorkel

What is A Dry Snorkel and how is it different from a Basic Snorkel?

The snorkel is the tube used for breathing while snorkeling. A basic snorkel is a curved open tube that allows you to put your face in the water and still breath the fresh air above. This works perfectly fine for surface snorkeling is calm waters. The Dry Snorkel is also a breathing tube that works very much the same as the basic snorkel, but with two additional features:

ONE is the Splash Guard-the dry top is curved at the top so the air opening is somewhat hidden from wayward splashes or waves. This prevents water from getting into the top of the snorkel during normal surface snorkeling.

TWO is the Dry Top itself-equipped with a special mechanism that closes the snorkel if it is accidentally or intentionally submerged, this feature prevents the water from getting into the snorkel and also into your mouth while underwater.

Whether you are an experienced snorkeler that may want to dive down and get a closer look at the ocean life or a novice that fears accidentally swallowing water, the dry top may be worth it. If you are adventurous and wish to get closer to the fish or coral you may not want to expend the energy of clearing the snorkel when you surface. Even if you remain on the surface, the water at Hanauma Bay is active ocean water so can splash into the snorkel top when you are not expecting it. Also, if you are new to snorkeling you may accidentally turn your head in such a way that temporarily submerges the snorkel. The Dry top adds that extra security and saves that extra energy to allow you to more fully enjoy your snorkeling experience.

Is the Dry Top the best option for everyone?

The benefits of a Dry Top can enhance the experience for snorkelers of all skill levels, however, there are some things to consider: The dry top does have moving parts which can be hindered if sand gets in and jams the mechanism, for this reason, it is important to keep the top out of the sand and check that the dry top is moving freely (by shaking it gently back and forth a couple of times) before entering the water.  Also, when making adjustments to your mask it is a good idea to remove the mouthpiece from your mouth as gravity can close the dry top as well. If the snorkel itself is not pointed upwards the air can be cut off.  When you are ready to resume snorkeling simply put the mouthpiece back in your mouth and begin. We have decided to include a dry snorkel complementary as part of our package for all guests as a safety/comfort measure rather than making it an upgrade at an additional cost.

Whether you are using a dry snorkel or a basic open snorkel it is always important to make sure you are familiar with your equipment and have it adjusted properly before you venture into the water. As always, when trying a new activity, safety should be your top priority. Our staff is there to ensure that you have the information you need to maximize safety and enjoyment. Please listen closely to instruction and ask questions about anything that is unclear. Our goal at Snorkelfest is to make sure that your experience snorkeling at Hanauma Bay is the best it can possibly be!

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